New Eurovignette system as of 01/10/2008: make way for the “e-vignette”


Eurovignette for Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Denmark

 As of 1st October 2008, the paper Eurovignette will be replaced by an electronic vignette: the "e-vignette".

The new tracking system enables all road transport companies to pay their user charges more easily.

The e-vignette has been available for purchase with the Eurotrafic card since 15th September 2008 at the Eurovignette AGES points of sale in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany and Sweden.

As with the previous system, you can choose the validity of your e-vignette: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year.

Moreover, the transport company will no longer receive the special paper Eurovignette certificate but a payment receipt providing the information necessary to calculate user charges.

The payment of user charges is recorded in real time in an electronic database that is centralised by the member states that are party to the Eurovignette system.

The control inspectors of the Eurovignette member states can access this database to check the payment of user charges and vignette validity for a given vehicle based on the license plate number.

In the case of fraud, a fine will immediately be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

With the e-vignette, the driver is no longer required to keep the paper Eurovignette documents on board the vehicle.

Both systems (electronic and paper) can be used during an initial transition phase, until all of the current paper certificates expire.