Special on Coaches

Special on Coaches



With Eurotrafic, benefit from a full range of services for your passengers, 24-hour breakdown assistance and easier VAT/fuel tax recovery.

Services available for passengers at service stations

Extensive network of stations:

You can find Total service stations as you travel throughout Europe (station finder) on motorways, major roads or at home.


The Total network offers quality services:



Full range of fuels

Tyre air pumps

Food areas



WCs and nurseries


VAT/fuel tax recovery






To help you avoid complex, time-consuming administrative formalities, our partner, NTS, offers you its expertise providing services (normal or express) to claim back VAT in 32 European countries.          

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Your sales adviser remains at your disposal for further information and can send you an NTS contract in which you select the service that best fits your needs. Contact


Fuel taxes

Coach drivers, with Eurotrafic, you can automatically claim back a portion of the fuel tax on diesel fuel in addition to the VAT in France, through our partner NTS.

NTS handles your reimbursements under the same agreement as that applied to VAT recovery. You optimise your cash flow even more.


NTS handles all of the administrative procedures involved in recovering this tax, manages the contact with the different government offices and makes all necessary requests.


You only have to provide a copy of the registration (or lease contract) of the coach used for travel in France. For the rest, NTS will contact you once your membership request has been processed


24-hour breakdown assistance


With a network of 22,000 specialists (tyres, axles, refrigeration, etc.), you benefit from assistance in all European Union member countries as well as Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, etc.


A simple, quick and efficient procedure:

In the event of a breakdown, your driver calls the single assistance number, available 24/7, 365 days a year: +33 (0)3 88 62 24 24.


A multilingual assistance representative records your breakdown and contacts a technician who comes to assist you on-site. Throughout the assistance, the representative directly ensures the coordination between the repair specialist, driver and your company.


Subscription to this service is free of charge for your entire fleet. Only the assistance provided and processing fees are invoiced. For more information on 24-hour assistance